Check where function is defined

To find out where the function is being defined, you can use the ReflectionFunction object. The ReflectionFunction class reports information about a function.

Add Conditional Styles in WordPress theme

A Standard Conditional IE comment looks like this

You can easily code this in your header.php file and it will work fine but it’s not a good practice to do so. A better option is to use the functions and hooks provided by WordPress. You can add the following code to your functions.php file […]

Pagination – Same list of posts in every page issue !

As per Wikipedia, Pagination is the sequence of numbers assigned to pages in a book or periodical. In WordPress, we generally use WP_Query or query_posts to fetch posts and display the list with pagination. A simple query would look like this:

This will work just fine in most of the cases but sometimes we hear […]

Shortcode, Beware of them

Since the the release of WordPress 2.5 Shortcodes have been really popular and developers and user love it. Shortcodes have been extensively used to create a visually good looking content in WordPress. Basically Shortcodes converts multiple lines of codes that performs specific task to a small WordPress specific code. Shortcodes looks like this [shortcode] or […]